Type STIMPEX ATIS – 0113

Special truck assembly type Stimpex ATIS – 0113 is intended for the transport of diving crews and diving equipment, ensuring fast movement both on public roads and in rough terrain to the place where the intervention takes place. This will ensure the short-term achievement of the intervention and crew and equipment protection equipment.

Special truck assembly type Stimpex ATIS-0113 consists of:

  • Special van Citroen Dangel Jumper 4×4 BB Furgon.
  • Winch.
  • Equipment and transport compartment for 3 divers with 3 full diving suits.
  • Pneumatic boat transport compartment for 5 people, boat engine, spare cylinders and cylinder charging compressor.
  • Air conditioning unit.
  • Van air conditioner.
  • Optical and acoustic signalling installation.
  • Communication equipment.
  • Communication system (intercom).
  • Projector lighting for the place of intervention.

Main technical-tactical performances of the special van:

Equipping compartment:

  • Provides space for equipping at least two diver simultaneously.
  • It is fitted with three approved passenger seats:
  • It has a vest fixing system with quick-release breathable air tank and safety belt for the waiting time after the end of equipping. The system allows the tank to be fixed, the vest attached to it.
  • There is a storage area for storing the transport equipment of the diving equipment and the storage of the seat belts, with quick access to the equipment.
  • It is provided with a support for hanging the diving suits on hangers in a vertical position, perfectly stretched.

Compartment for boat, engine, auxiliary equipment and accessories:

  • It ensures the storage of the boat, the boat engine and the transportable compressor for the loading of breathable air cylinders, spare cylinders and other specific accessories.
  • The 5-person Pneumatic Boat is located within the left-hand side of the transportation compartment so as not to interfere with the equipment, movements and access of the divers.
  • Both the pneumatic boat, its engine and the compressor, as well as the other pieces pf equipment, are fastened in such a way that they do not accidentally detach, allowing them to be easily removed and inserted into the vehicle.