1. Motor chassis MAN TGM13.250 4 X 4 BL
  2. Special truck assembly superstructure
  3. Two-axle trailer
  1. The special truck assembly for decontamination (persons and complex interventions) type Stimpex ADP – 0214 is intended for:
  • Total chemical, biological and radioactive decontamination of the population during summer or winter after CBRN events / incidents. The car can work independently or from additional sources (rivers, lakes, tankers, hydrants etc.) to continuously provide the water reserve required for the decontamination process.
  • Ensuring the logistic support required for additional lighting of the action areas in case of complex and long-term interventions of the emergency professional services.
  • Ensure logistic support for rescue interventions for people in life-threatening or high-altitude life-threatening environments (other than salvage in the mountains or the underground caving environment).
  • Ensuring the necessary logistic support in case of population evacuation from areas affected by emergency situations and temporary setting up of floodplains.

The special truck assembly is made of:

  • Motor chassis MAN TGM 13.250 4 x 4 BL.
  • Superstructure for fastening and transport of the decontamination station, which is the main component of the truck, as well as of the other decontamination equipment and complex interventions.
  • Optical and acoustic signalling type Federal Signal.
  • Motorola TETRA communication equipment.
  • Stimpex RTED – 02 Double Axle Trailer for Fixing and Transporting Lighting Equipment and Logistic Support.

Main technical-tactical performances of the Population Decontamination Station:

  • It ensures the execution, in maximum safety conditions, of decontamination operations of the population, simultaneously, on 3 longitudinal decontamination lines, namely: 1 – female; 2 – people with surgical need (injured); 3 – males.
  • It provides decontamination for 80 persons/h.
  • The surface of the Modular Assembly of decontamination tents is 63 sqm. It is built on 3 pneumatic structures and can be installed by 5 persons, in maximum 10 minutes.

It provides the prevention of cross-contamination between cross compartments (stripping / decontamination / dressing) and between longitudinal decontamination lines (female / injured / male) during the decontamination operations, as well as between the decontamination area and rinsing (washing) area within the decontamination compartment.