STI-M X2 Masts

STI-M X2 Masts

STI-M X2 Masts Series are designed and manufactured for ‘Heavy Payloads’. Carbon composite structure and locking system make STI-M X2 Masts strong and reliable.

They are adaptable to all platforms including in Electronic Warfare (EW) Systems, Counter-Unmanned Aerial Systems (C-UAS) Systems, Communication Systems, Optics, Thermal Cameras, Fire Control and Support Systems and Radio systems. Available in 7 Models.

Key Benefits

  • Carbon Composite Body
  • For Heavy Payloads from 120 kg to 300 kg
  • 7 Models with extended heights from 7 m to 15 m
  • Extraction Ability While Mobile
  • Electro-Mechanical or Manual Control
  • ‘Patented Locking Mechanism’ for Excellent Stability.
  • Remote Controller (opt.)
  • Display on Control Panel / Remote Controller (opt.)


Product FeaturesSTI-M X2-3STI-M X2-4STI-M X2-6STI-M X2-8STI-M X2-10STI-M X2-12STI-M X2-15
Extended Height3 m4 m6 m8 m10 m12 m15 m
Nested Height1.08 m1.40 m1.63 m1.80 m2.05 m2.30 m2.70 m
Rated Payload300 kg300 kg200 kg200 kg170 kg140 kg120 kg
Erection Time with Power60 s65 s70 s90 s100 s110 s140 s
Mast Weight100 kg110 kg180 kg200 kg220 kg240 kg270 kg
Survival Wind Speed160 km/s160 km/s160 km/s160 km/s128 km/s100 km/s85 km/s
Deployment Wind Speed80 km/s80 km/s120 km/s120 km/s96 km/s80 km/s64 km/s
Typical Payload Sail Area1,2 m²1,2 m²1,2 m²1,2 m²1,2 m²1,2 m²1,2 m²
Rotation Accuracy (twist)+/- 1°+/- 1°+/- 1°+/- 1°+/- 1.5°+/- 1.5°+/- 2°
Voltage28 VDC28 VDC28 VDC28 VDC28 VDC28 VDC29 VDC
Foot Print46×28 cm46×28 cm52×32 cm52×32 cm52×32 cm52×32 cm52×32 cm


  • Twist, Sway and Deflection values may vary depending on the type of payload.
  • Operating Temperatures: -35°C to 55°C