1. The special truck assembly is intended for the total chemical, biological and radioactive decontamination of the population, intervention teams, sensitive equipment, technology, equipment and technology during summer or winter in case of the occurrence of CBRN events / incidents, the use of weapons of mass destruction, or terrorist attacks with CBRN.
  1. The special truck assembly is made of:
  • Motor chassis MAN TGM 18.340 4×4 BB.
  • Platform for container fastening and transport 20 fts.
  • Special decontamination container comprising the People Decontamination Station, which is the main component of the truck, Modular decontamination system for personnel intervention and sensitive technology, as well as other equipment that ensures the operation of the car.
  • Self loading and unloading system of the special container, type Haacon 1889.10.
  • Optical and acoustic signalling type Federal Signal.
  • Motorola TETRA communication equipment.
  1. Main technical-tactical performances of the Population Decontamination Station:

  • Ensures the execution, in maximum safety conditions, of decontamination operations of the population, simultaneously, on 3 longitudinal decontamination lines, namely: 1 – female; 2 – people with surgical needs (injured); 3 – males.
  • It provides decontamination for 150 persons/h.
  • The surface of the Modular Assembly of decontamination tents is 63 sqm. It is built on 3 pneumatic structures and can be installed by 5 persons, in maximum 10 minutes.

  It provides the prevention of cross-contamination between cross compartments (stripping / decontamination / dressing) and between longitudinal decontamination lines (female / injured / male) during the decontamination operations, as well as between the decontamination area and rinsing (washing) area within the decontamination compartment.