The product completes the necessary equipment which is being used by the command structures from different echelons, during the execution of the missions outside the barrack.

The product consists of the following equipment:

  • Portable air conditioner unit model AC – M7H MK II – Dantherm – 2 pcs
  • Three phased generating set model KDE 35SS3 – 1 pcs
  • Transport platform (trailer)
  • Inflatable tent model ROSTI ? 42 with accessories – 1 pcs
  • Transport container – 2 pcs

The portable air conditioner unit ensures a controlled air temperature inside the tent. The climate maintenance implies controlled heating and cooling of the tent. Through climate maintenance the thermic confort of the ocupants and IT equipment (servers, switchs, routers etc.) is desired, in the range 100C ÷ 350C regardless of the outside temperature. The unit’s function is based on a cooling circuit and two powerful centrifugal fans. The upper section contains the vaporizer and the vaporizer’s fan that absorbs the hot ambiental air or the recirculated air through vaporizer’s cold serpentine and blows out the cooled air.

The lower section of the unit contains the condenser’s fan and the serpentine used for condensing which returns the heat from the cooled air to the surrounding atmosphere.

Tehnical data for the portable air conditioner

  • The generating set is mounted on a transport platform (trailer) and it is a backup electrical power source for the consumers of the product.

The transport platform (trailer) of the three phased generating set is destined to transport a generating set in aggregation with de pulling vehicle over any distance on the public roads.

The trailer has a metalic structure made form steel, protected from corrosion by a zinc coating and it is provided with 2 shafts, and adapter with a trailer hitch, braking system, a system for singalling and lighting, canvas.

The tent it is completely inflatable. It is delivered preassembled in a way in which only the crossbar must be assembled accordingly while the tent is being raised.

Thanks to its quick assembley, low requirements regarding the area of placement and its various available accessories, this tent it is usable for almost any purpose like:

  • mobile hospitals for campaigns;
  • first aid post;
  • department for patients;
  • housing;
  • command post;
  • store keeping.

The tent can be used in any weather conditions. In any climate it is used a thermical  protection curtain for interior insulation. It consists from 2 parts: the tent’s material with the integrated textile floor and air beams. Also, there are crossbars as aditional spacers to the side walls.

The interior is separated in two by a transversal wall. It has two doors, one at each entry, from the front and from the back.

This tent can be used as an independent solution or it can be connected with other tents. There is an adapter which is required in order to connect two tents. Depending on the aspect, the entry modules can be purchased.