VST-1 body armor

VST-1 body armor

The Tactical Assault body armor type VST-1 protects the chest, back, sides, shoulders, neck and groin (via removable protective elements).

The ballistic packages of the vest are made of aramid fabrics for ensuring the required ballistic characteristics as well as low weight, which are sealed in a waterproof membrane made of polyurethane to protect against climatic factors.
The sealing and lateral adjustment system of the vest (made contact with Velcro zipper) is located around the waist and provides full user mobility and flexibility and adjusting for different body conformations of the same size.

The vest has MOLE SYSTEM that provides full pockets customization and inner plate pockets that can be accessed from outside the body armor.

The outer cover is made of Cordura, laminated with a polyurethane membrane, in a wide range of colors, as required by the beneficiary.
The inside of the vest is made of spatial fabric 3D to ensure air circulation between the user and the jacket, and to increase the user comfort.

The product comes with a transport bag made of the same material as the outer cover of the vest.

The labeling of the vest and of the ballistic packages is made in accordance with NIJ 0101.06.

Protection level: IIA, II, IIIA, to NIJ 0101.06

The outer covers of the vests can be realized in a wide range of colors: camouflage desert, camouflage ground, black, blue etc.
The body armor can be supplied with inscribed outer covers and tactical pockets made according to the beneficiary’s requirements
Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL

The protection area of the vest:

Size L
front – 0, 188 m back – 0,203 sqm, groin protector – 0.040 sqm and shoulder
protector – 0.050 sqm
Size XL:
front – 0,204 m, back – 0,225 sqm groin protector – 0.040 sqm and shoulder
protector 0.050 sqm
Size XXL:
front – 0,223 m, back – 0,245 sqm groin protector – 0.040 sqm and shoulder
protector – 0.050 sqm

The maximum weight of the vest (depending on the level of protection and on

the configuration):
Size L: 3.20 to 3.80 kg Size XL: 3.80 to 4.15 kg Size XXL: 4.15 to 4.30 kg.

Maximum weight of groin protector: 0.45 kg.

Maximum weight of shoulder protectors 0.45 kg.


  • 5 years of use
  • 10 years in storage