Bullet-proof vest level IIIA (VST7) with ceramic plates level IV (PPB4B)

The product provides ballistic protection for the user in the contact areas, namely the chest and the abdomen (front and back), the groin, neck and shoulders.

Vest type

Exterior OVER

Ballistic protection level of the vest

-Level III A acc.toN.I.J. 0101.06 (SR 4 -acc.toSTP-M 40202-99) without ballistic plates inserted -9 x 19 mm Parabellum; .44 Magnum;

-Level IV acc.toN.I.J. 0101.06 (SR 8 -acc.toSTP-M 40202-99) with ballistic plates inserted in vest IIIA (SR5) -7.62 mm x 51mm API / 7.62 x 54mm API;

Base material

Aramid fabrics (Kevlar, Twaron), Cordura 1000 (composite).

-Bag-in-bag sealed packets in polyurethane film and polyamide film for increased protection against moisture, ultra-violet rays and heat;


  1. Removable bullet-proof collar to ballistically protect the portion between the bullet-proof helmet visor and bullet-proof vest, level IIIA in accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.06-2008, SR 4 according to STP-M 40202-99. The collar inner face material must be fine, antiallergic with high resistance to scratch-friction with the beard;
  2. Detachable bullet-proof protection for the shoulder and arm areas must have a concave anatomical shape to embrace the humeral joint as much as possible, level IIIA in accordance with NIJ Standard 0101.06-2008, SR4 according to STP-M 40202-99 to allow simultaneous mobility and protection;
  3. Detachable bullet-proof protection for thegroin are, made of twopieces, oneanchored to the waist and the other through aVelcro® type strap (sizes: minimum 240 mm x 240 mm), IIIA level according to NIJ Standard 0101.06-2008 , SR4 according to STP-M 40202-99 or equivalent;


  • The vest has a modular construction;
  • It allows the removal of protective shoulders, inguinal protection and protective collar;
  • The outer cover material is made of corduraabrasion-and friction-resistant material and provides resistance against the action of chemicals, petroleum products and fire;
  • Fast enlarging system, resistant to the vest loading by 30 kg, allowing the left or right positioning and protected against accidental operation with a Velcro® textile cover that closes on the body;
  • Adjustment system for adjusting the vest to the waist and on the height of the user with velcro® strap type;
  • Vest waist closure system by bringing back side extensions forward and fastening with Velcro® strap; this system will be covered by a textile cap fastened with the Velcro® type strap and provided with a MOLLE system to attach different types of pockets to the outside;
  • Rubber straps are provided on the shoulders of the waist for the adhesion of the butt of the gun;
  • The bulletproof vest isprovided with front and back pockets for fitting / inserting the ballistic protection plate. The pockets are provided with Velcro® closed caps specified at 320 x 270 mm;
  • It is equipped with a back-mounted rescue / towing strap with a breaking strength of 200 kg
  • It features an air circulation system to enhance comfort made of a 8-9 mm thick synthetic honeycomb fabric;
  • Measures of the vest and surface ballistic packs acc. to N.I.J.0101.06.

Weight of the vest without detachable protections: max. 3.8 kg and removable shields (neck, groin, arms) max. 6.3 kg for XXL size;

  • The “POLITIA / POLICE” inscription, white fluorescent applied to the front and back (height 70 mm);
  • Sizes: to be established in the contract;
  • Usage temperature (°C): -20 to +55
  • For storage and handling, the vest will be provided with a carrying case;