Level IIIA kevlar bulletproof shield

Level IIIA kevlar bulletproof shield

Level IIIA  Kevlar bulletproof shields

The shield provides ballistic protection for operating personnel of the Police and Gendarmerie, with intervention missions against attacks with light weapons.

 The shield consists of: the shield itself, the viewfinder and mounting system.


It is located at the top and made of special glass and polycarbonate multilayer ensuring the protection level: IIIA (NIJ Standard 0101.06 according to the U.S.) and SR4 (as NIJ 0108.01).

The handling system

For easy handling, the ergonomic grip system consists of a handle and an arm strap.

Protection level

IIIA according to NIJ Standard 0101.06 – USA NIJ 0108.01

The shield itself

Basic material used: the armor rigid composite from aramid fibers bonded with resins; 

Size: medium 


Width: 500 mm 

Length: 800 mm 

Shape: flat 

Model: portable (not on rolls) 

The bulletproof shields are in series (digital mix series showing the actual product and its production year, ie 013/2010)

The materials from which is made the bulletproof shield ensure its resistance to chemicals, to petroleum products and to the fire and to the weather conditions in a temperature range of -30° C to + 50° C

Color: black or blue


5,5 kg


• 5 years of use

• 10 years in storage