Unexploded ordnance transport

Unexploded ordnance transport

Container-trailer, vehicle trolled for unexploded and ammunition transport – RTEXMUN

Designation: RTEXMUN is used for the safepick-up and transportation of UEA from the discovery place till specialized aiming-field to be destroyed. 

The product ensures protection for the intervention personnel, civilian during the transport way of the UEA derived from past military conflicts and for the personnel from the tractor vehicle too.

Main technical-operational features

  • loading/unloading from the ground of the unexploded ammunition 
  • revolving/ anchoring/ lifting/ laying maneuvers on/from the laying bed
  • amortization during transport of the vibration generated by the rolling vehicle surface
  • tractor vehicle driver protection and of the civilian population along the truck among the transport of the unexploded ammunition.