Volkswagen CRAFTER, FB3/BR3/RC3

Volkswagen CRAFTER, FB3/BR3/RC3

 Constructive characteristics of the basic vehicle:
• length: 5,986 mm;
• width: 2,040 mm without side mirrors
• height: 2,455 mm;
• transport capacity for 3 people (1 driver + 1 passenger on the right + 1 passenger behind the driver);
• maximum authorized load: 3500 kg;
• payload: 685 kg;
• cylindrical capacity: 1968 cm3;
• engine power: 130 kW;
• fuel: diesel;
• gearbox: 5 + 1-speed mechanics;
• axle number: 2 (two), front-wheel drive
• pollution norm: EURO 6;
• White color

Technical characteristics of the securities compartment:
• length: 1,200 mm;
• width: 1,200 mm (between wheel arches);
• height: 1,300 mm;
• hoard access door: height 1,200 mm and width 500 mm. The door is arranged in the front of the hoard, sliding and is on the right side.
• the floor is covered with rubber mat;
• the compartment is padded with washable material;

Technical characteristics of the personal compartment (driver’s cab and escort):
• the seats are provided with seat belts, in 3 points, for all passengers;
• 3 access doors:
– one on the left – for the driver;
– one on the right side for the attendant;
– one on the right side, sliding, for escort access;
• 2 side pull-out slots (left front door, right front door);
• the left front armored door (driver) has a central and mechanical lock with the key from the outside and the possibility of locking from the inside, and the opening of the door from the inside is done manually. The driver’s door is provided with a “flap” for accessing documents which also fulfills the role of a shooting range;
• the right front armored door (companion) has central locking and the possibility of locking from the inside, and the opening of the interior door is manual and the possibility of automatic unlocking by the driver;
• the right rear side door (for escort access) is sliding and armored, with central locking, electromagnet operated from the vehicle’s electronic control unit with the possibility of locking from the inside and the opening of the interior door will be manual and the possibility of automatic unlocking by the driver;
• emergency escape hatch, which contains a fan-vacuum cleaner in the driver’s and escort’s compartment. The hatch can also be used as a firing place.
• the personal compartment (driver’s cab and escort) is upholstered with washable material;

 Technical characteristics of vehicle safety:
• safety: right driver and passenger airbag;
• steering: servo-assisted with safety system steering column adjustable in depth and height;
• suspension :; The suspension system (springs, shock absorbers) are improved so that it can withstand travel under maximum permitted load conditions.
• braking system: power brake
front and rear disc brake system
anti-lock braking system (ABS)
anti-skid system (ASR)
electronic stability program (ESP),
emergency braking assistant
• the wheels have mounted a bulletproof system (RUNFLAT) that allows the running of at least 30 km in case of an event that would require the emergency leaving of this event;
• standard body modified, if necessary, only at the manufacturer and armored with the consent of the manufacturer;

Approvals and documents upon delivery of the vehicle

• upon delivery, the vehicle will be accompanied by a certificate of conformity regarding the resistance to action of firearms (FB3 / BR3) for the personal compartment and burglary resistance (RC3) for the securities compartment, issued by ICECON – Certified an RENAR accredited body
• We confirm that the vehicles will be homologated at the Romanian Car Registry and will be accompanied by the Vehicle Identity Card (CIV) issued by this institution, for traffic on public roads in Romania, including changes made as a result of armor;
• we confirm that the vehicles will be accompanied by the Vehicle Identity Card (CIV), approved as a special armored vehicle
• we confirm that the vehicle will be delivered with provisional registration numbers and RCA policy valid for traffic on public roads in Romania;
• the vehicle will be delivered with manual instructions used in Romanian, service book, instructions for using the electronic control panel.


The shielding of the driver’s cab and the escort room, including the vital parts of the vehicle, is made of RAMOR500 ballistic sheet manufactured by SSAB and composite material (Kevlar type aramid fabric)
manufactured by Teijin Twaron with resistance to the action of firearms according to European standard EN 1522 – resistance class FB3 respectively to the following parts:
– vertical right / left walls;
– wall partition of securities compartment;
– the front part comprising the windscreen;
– dashboard control panel;
– engine pedal area;
– right / left front wheel counter-wings;
– front right / left doors;
– right side door for access to the escort area;
– the floor of the driver’s cab and the escort room;
– armor of the ceiling in the area of the driver’s cab.
The armor of the glass parts is made of anti-projectile, anti-splinter crystal, unbreakable according to European standard EN 1063 – resistance class BR3 painted by Crystal Company BV The windshield is one piece, and on the left side of the personnel compartment is mounted an armored glass small size.
The value compartment is made of ballistic sheet metal and special anti-burglary materials – which together meet the RC 3 burglary resistance class and are fixed in the body according to the European standard SREN 1630: 2011 + A2: 2016.


In order to ensure the safety conditions, the vehicle is provided with the following equipment:
• burglar alarm system on all doors of the vehicle; The doors are monitored by the electronic control panel.
• electronic control panel for managing the closing / opening / locking of doors, for the management of the panic button and the possibility of mounting a GPS installation;
• in the personnel compartment is provided the wiring necessary for the subsequent installation of a GPS installation and a radio communication system;
• acoustic warning system – siren 120 db;
• system for communication with the outside-intercom;
• lighting of compartments with ceiling lights;
• door opening system with electric impulse / electromagnet (armored sliding door of the escort compartment and door of the treasure compartment).
• all doors are equipped with a safety locking system inside, with manual operation and the possibility of sealing;
• 2 support handles located in different places inside;
• additional support system for all access doors (driver and attendant), for weight lifting;
• fire extinguishers suitable for the type and capacity of the securities compartment and support for them;

To ensure traffic safety, the vehicle is provided with the following additional features:
• electric and heated exterior mirrors;
• air conditioning compartment for staff;
• the vehicle will have a radio with AUX jack, USB and Bluetooth connection, 2 speakers and steering wheel controls.
• legal security package: medical kit, 2 reflective triangles and fire extinguishers);