Passenger transport minibus

Passenger transport minibus

BASE VEHICLE: M2 Minibus *

Size and features:
Length: 7367 mm
Wheelbase: 4325 mm
Inner height: 2009 mm
Total allowed weight: 5000 Kg

Engine and ancillary installations:
Pollution rate: Euro 6
Fuel type: Diesel
CO2 emissions: 235 g / km
Displacement: 2987 cm3
Maximum power: 190 hp
Mixed fuel consumption (l / 100 km): 8.9 l / 100km
Tank capacity: 71 liters

Running gear:
Traction: 4 x 2 rear wheel drive, twin wheel axle (2 wheels on each side of the axle)
Gearbox: 7G-TRONIC PLUS automatic gearbox (7-speed).
Steel rims, R16 ”equipped with summer tires (tubeless) + Set of wheels with steel rims equipped with winter tires (tubeless).
Spare wheel of the same size as those fitted to the basic vehicle.

Power steering (electric)

Body, organization, interior and exterior equipment:
Transport capacity on seats: 19 + 1 + 1 (guide-folding type) persons;
The 19 seats in the passenger space are mounted on rails and have an adjustable backrest;
plush in tune with the upholstery of the seats
Paint: Steel blue

Front airbag;
Side wind assistance;
Electronic anti-theft immobilizer;
Safety exit hammers and ideograms;

Front / rear disc brake;
Anti-lock braking system – ABS;
Emergency braking assistance;
Electronic stability control system;
Assistance when leaving the ramp;

Exterior mirrors with electric adjustment and defrosting;
Driver’s seat with lumbar and height adjustment;
Central locking with remote control;
Alarm system installed;
Fog lights;
Daytime running lights – automatic;
Air conditioning system – 12 kw / automatic with on / off system in the rear for passengers;
A / C tubing with light profile in two colors, incorporated with lighting lamps in each row of seats, A / C grilles, speakers and light luggage space;
Adjustable steering column;
Automatic pilot;
Driver fatigue detection system;
Rear axle air suspension;
Stationary auxiliary heater – 2 kw;

Touchscreen and multimedia navigation system, including mp3 radio with USB slot and conference microphone;

Additional facilities:
Warning triangle – 2 pcs;
Fire extinguisher;
Rubber front mats;
First aid kit;
Mechanical jack;
Wheel wrenches;

*registered to R.A.R. as per the legislation