Bulletproof shield level III with projectors

Bulletproof shield level III with projectors

Bulletproof shields level III with projectors

The shield provides ballistic protection to the fighter, the protected area being dependent on the size and on the battle position adopted. Shield is composed of: the ballistic package itself, the viewfinder mounting system and the two projectors.

The bulletproof shields are in series (numerical combination that yields the actual series of the product and its production year, ie 013/2010);

The materials from which is made the bulletproof shield are resistant to the chemicals’ action, to the petroleum products’ action and to the fire’s action and to the weather conditions’action in the temperature range from – 30° C to + 50° C.

The grip allows use with the left hand, right hand and both hands simultaneously, having three handles located on the left, upper horizontal and right under the ballistic mask, thus ensuring easy handling, firm grip and fast tuning required for the handling.

The following enhancements are added : shoulder support system and neck support system.

The viewfinder is located at the top and is manufacutred from special multilayer glass and laminated polycarbonate.


level III according to NIJ Standard 0101.06 – SUA NIJ 0108.01

The proper shield:

The shield is made of ballistic polyethylene type Dyneema
Measure: medium
Width: 500 mm
Length: 850 mm
Form: curved longitudinally, for increasing the rigidity and implicitly the protection level
Model: portable
Color: black or blue
The bulletproof shiled’s mass (kg): 14 – 15 Kg
Light intensity: min. 80.000 cd
The power supply: 12V battery
Overall dimensions (mm): 130 x 100 x 80
Mass, with battery (kg): 0,800
Protection: antishock and water resistant
Charger battery (220Vca/50Hz and 12 Vcc) – 1 pc. for both projectors
5 years of use
10 years in storage