Ammunition and explosive devices removal kit

Ammunition and explosive devices removal kit


The kit is designed and implemented to protect personnel working in places and environments at risk of injury from explosives and/or kinetic pieces such as pirotehnicians, firework experts, explosives and munitions storage personnel (ammunition and explosives handlingor transport, removal and destruction) and those who perform testing, experimenting and approval of the polygons. Also, the panel is useful for sappers research of mine fields.

The kit is modular and comprises of:

  1. Helmet type NATO PASGT
  2. Visor
  3. Protection vest
  4. Protection trousers
  5. Leg protection
  6. Special gloves
  7. Carrying case (backpack)
  1. The protection helmet type NATO PASGT

Provides protection against kinetic fragments, mechanical shock and high temperatures. It is made of Kevlar and allows easy mounting and removing of helmet visor. The interior can be adjusted with straps to the head size (size 52-62 cm). The chin strap is adjusted by means of staples or buckles.

  1. Visor

The visor protects the eyes and face of the wearerfrom shock waves and kinetic fragments. It is detachable and easily mounted on your helmet through a plastic device type crown, providing a firm contact with it. The viewfinder is wide, the composite structure. The viewfinder comes with a protective pouch.

The pre-coating panel of munitions and of explosives is designed to equip the structures with tasks from the area of the Army, of the Police, of the Gendarmerie etc.

General technical features

  • Average time of dressing: 8 minutes;
  • Average time of undressing:  20 sec.
  • Dressing – undressing is made with an assistant;
  • The equipment’s proper mass:   15,535 kg

The product comes with test results issued by a certified laboratory, for each component.

Helmet characteristics

  • Color: kaki
  • Mass 1,400 kg
  • Protection level:

V50 450 m/s, according to STANAG 2920 (the fragments’ mass = 1,1 g)

Visor characteristics

  • Mass: 1,100 kg
  • Protection level:

V50 450 m/s according to STANAG 2920 (the fragments’mass = 1,1 g)


  • Cover from Nomex fabric: 2 years in exploitation
  • In exploitation: 5 years(ballistic packages)
  • In storage: 10 years (ballistic packages)