VST-4 Ballistic body armor undershirt

VST-4 Ballistic body armor undershirt

Ballistic body armor type VST- 4 undershirt

The Ballistic body armor VST-4 undershirt is a light ballistic body armor that offers to the user the protection of the chest, back and lateral sides of the body, providing a level IIA – IIIA protection, according to NIJ 0101.06.

The vest is designed to be worn under the suits of the users (UNDER type).

The ballistic panels are made from aramid fabric in order to ensure the ballistic properties and low weight, and sealed in a waterproof polyurethane membrane that protects the panels from the action of climatic factors.

The lateral closing and adjustment system of the vest is situated around the waist and is made from elastic band and Velcro, to ensure full mobility and flexibility of the user; is designed to fit different body shapes of the same size.

The vest is conceived for both men and women to wear. 

The vest comes with use, maintenance, transport and storage instructions.

The vest is delivered with a transport bag.

Protection level IIA, II, IIIA, according to NIJ 0101.06.

Available sizes: S, M, L, XL, XXL.

The cover’s color: black and white.

Maximum weight of the vest: 2,1 kg

OPTIONAL: The body armor may be provided with anti-stab plate if requested.


– 5 years of use

– 10 years in storage